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The product closer to customers

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2023 3:45 am
by parvej980
However, they do not have time or do not want to call you or wait for your e-mail with a response. In such cases, your only salvation from losing such a customer is live chat, which allows them to get a response within minutes or even seconds. Competitive advantage Sellers often do not use their competitive advantage as a way to support sales. Very often, the value for customers may be, for example, not only the product, but also the method of payment, shipping time, extended warranty or the method of handling complaints. If you have developed a relative advantage over your competitors in one or another field, don't be afraid to inform your potential customers about it.

You can convince many users to shop in your store. High quality photos Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with product photos of questionable quality, usually downloaded from the distributor or manufacturer. Today, customers expect high-quality photos that will show them the product in all its glory, as well as in direct application. Product videos Product photo retouching videos allow potential customers to almost feel the product in their own hands. Video, more than any other form of presentation, can bring. In fact, it is an expensive game. So, try to prepare a video for a few products, preferably the best-selling ones, to start with.


Check how the video you prepared translates into increased sales. Unique product descriptions The rule is simple, we do not copy product descriptions. But this point is not just about removing duplicate content from pages. Product descriptions should be comprehensive and useful from the point of view of the search engine, either Google or the internal one on your website. They must include slogans necessary to best characterize a given product. Think about how users can search for a given product and what they enter into the search engine, try to include these terms in the descriptions. Product descriptions must also move potential customers and stick in their minds.