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Establish alliances with banks or card providers

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2022 8:28 am
by saramaria5356
The pre and post COVID-19 landscape for eCommerce in Peru is one of great fluidity and great aspirations for new and established entrepreneurs. If you are looking for opportunities to create a business or if you need to improve your online presence, review these strategies and learn about the state of the art of electronic commerce in Peru. SHARE: With the increase in digital penetration, e-commerce has been gaining ground in recent years. In fact, according to data from the Mercado Libre platform, eight out of ten Latin Americans bought online at least once in 2019 , and in the midst of the pandemic, in 2020, more than million users joined digital purchases in LATAM.

Likewise, this company predicts that eCommerce will register growth rates close to 40% by 2023, however, for eCommerce in Peru this prediction came true in the middle of 2020, where it is expected Phone Number List to close the year with a growth between 70% to 90% . %. At the national level, a constant rise is also observed. Above all, because of the coronavirus pandemic that boosted consumption at home and through digital channels. The Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (CAPECE) registered a 240% increase in internet transactions between March and May 2020.


In addition, the same entity forecasts a 300% increase for the Christmas season. Given this eCommerce boom in Peru (and throughout the world), if you belong to the marketing industry, you have to know how to boost your company's online performance. To achieve this, you need to know five key strategies that will allow you to increase sales and at the same time strengthen a strong bond with your consumers. 5 keys to increase sales 1. Establish alliances with banks or card providers The health crisis has also had economic consequences for society such as job losses or salary reductions.